Hobbs House Bread

(add 10p for sliced large loaves)

Large White loaf (Sherston) £3.10

Small £1.95

Large Organic Wholemeal £2.85

Small £1.90

Large 3 Seed Wholemeal £3.25

Small £2.05

Organic Wild White Sourdough £4.25

Organic Ancient Grain Sourdough £3.35

Large  Organic Sourdough Rye £3.90

Small Organic Sourdough Rye £2.65

Organic 5 Seed Spelt £4.25

Small £2.80

Organic Spelt  £4.25

Small £2.80

Large Organic Oatmeal £3.30

Small £1.95

Large Harvester £2.70

Small £1.80

Large Severn Seed £3.30

Pain de Campagne £3.10


Cheese and Olives

    ~ Delicious Coffee Beans~

  £2.40 per 100g

We are now selling the wonderful Clifton coffee single estate E1 dark roast coffee beans from El Salvador. This is the same coffee we use in our La Marzocco coffee machine. We sell the whole beans or can grind them to your specific requirement.

~Sweets and savouries, baked daily~

Pain au raisin £1.00

Pain au chocolat £0.95

Almond croissant £1.10

Butter croissant £0.85

Portuguese custard tart £1.10

Premium sausage roll £1.60

Vegan sausage roll £1.60

Vegan Saag Aloo Lattice £1.60

Cheese and ham puff £1.30

Baggatta (half baguette, half ciabatta) £1.70

Baguette £1.20

~Cheese, price per 100g~

Merry Wyfe of Bath £2.40

Camembert £1.85

Brie de Meaux £1.95

Colston Bassett Stilton £1.75

Old Amsterdam £1.95

Cambozola £1.70

Hereford Hop £1.75

Chevre Goat Log £1.80

Cornish Yarg £1.95

Sharpham Rustic £1.75

Cashel Blue £1.95

Roquefort £1.95

Organic Bath Blue £2.25

Keens Unpasteurised Cheddar £1.75

Maryland Extra Mature Cheddar £1.25

Parmesan Reggiano £2.95

Gruyere £2.40

Gorgonzola £1.95

Italian Taleggio £1.95

Comte £2.20

French Goats Brie £2.95

Vignotte £1.95

Papouis Halloumi £3.25 per pack

Kolios Feta £2.95 per pack

Buffalo Mozzarella £2.25 per pack

Cricket St Thomas Capricorn Goats Cheese £2.10 per pack

Vegan Strong Cheddar Style £3.95 each

Applewood Smoked Vegan £3.95 each

Bath Soft Cheese £6.50 each

~Charcuterie, price per 100g

Traditional Devon Ham £1.75

Honey Roast Ham £1.85

Italian Herb Ham £2.20

Pastrami £1.90

Smoked Turkey Breast £1.60

Fennel Salami £2.20

Milano Salami £1.90

Spanish Chorizo £1.90

Cooking Chorizo £1.45

Serrano Ham £3.40

Pork and mushroom pate £1.95 

Coarse wild boar pate £1.95

Diced smoked pancetta £2.95 per pack

Spanish Morcilla £3.50

Parma Ham £4.95 per pack

Serrano Ham £2.95 per pack

               - Plenty Pies - all £3.95

"purveyors of delectable Cotswold pies"

  • Rich Overnight Shin of Beef

  • Tartiflette

  • Coq au Vin

  • Breton chicken

  • Seriously Cheesy Golden Beet & Bean

  • Wild Boar & Chorizo

  • Cotswold Venison

  • Salmon Parmentiere

   ------all subject to availability-------

~Olives and antipasti, price per 100g~

Fresh Basil Pesto £2.50

Black garlic olives £1.30

Provencal olives (stone in) £1.50

Greek Kalamata oliver (stone in) £1.95

Grilled green olives £1.95

Mixed Italian olives £1.95

Chilli green olives £1.95

Green garlic stuffed olives £1.95

Feta stuffed peppers £1.95

Sundried tomatoes £1.95

Stuffed baby pumpkins £2.35

Lemon garlic and corriander olives £1.95

Hummus £1.35

Taramasalata £1.35

~Savoury crackers~

Peters Yard original sourdough crispbreads - Small - £2.50

Peters Yard sourdough crispbread selection box £5.95

Original sourdough crispbread - standard £3.50

Nairns oatcakes - various £1.95

Stag cheese biscuit selection £4.50

~Chutney, preserves, jam and honey~

Kitchen Garden range £3.25 - £3.85

Seville Orange Marmalade

Three Fruit Marmalade

Lemon & Ginger Marmalade

Strawberry Jam

Raspberry Jam

Pear & Ginger Jam

Summer Berry Jam

Apricot & Almond Jam

Tracklements, £1.85 - £3.85

Fresh Chilli Jam

Sticky Fig Relish

Robust wholegrain mustard

Apricot and ginger chutney

Sweet mustard ketchup

Proper tomato ketchup

Quintessential brown sauce

Mustardy french mayonnaise

Sticky barbecue sauce

Creamy tartare sauce

Apple and cider brandy chutney

Particuarly British Piccalilli

Perfect ploughmans pickle

Indian mango chutney

...And more, changing seasonally.

Kitchen Garden English Beetroot Chutney £3.25

Kitchen Garden Old Spot Real Ale Chutney £3.25

Kitchen Garden Tomato and Apple Chutney £3.25

Bath honey, raw - set and runny £6.50

Maple syrup £6.45

Lemon curd £3.10

Passionfruit curd £3.10

~Sweet biscuits and chocolate~

Annas Ginger Thins 150g £1.40

Annas Original Thins 150g £1.40

Nairns dark chocolate chip oat biscuits £1.95

Nairns Stem Ginger Oat Biscuits £1.95

Nairns Mixed Berries Oat Biscuits £1.95

Langue De Chat £2.95

Cafe Noir £1.85

Grisbi Double Chocolate £1.85

Grisbi Lemon Cream £1.85

Matilde Vicenzi Amaretto Biscuits £1.95

Matilde Vicenzi Mini Vogue £2.95

Daelmans Mini Stroop Waffles £1.69

Prue's Meringues £2.99 - £7.99

Licorice £3.75 

~Montezuma Chocolate~

£2.60 for 90g

Absolute Black - 100% cocoa

Sea Dog -Dark chocolate with  Lime and sea salt

Splotch - Organic milk chocolate with butterscotch

Fitzroy - Organic dark (74%) 

Orangutang - White chocolate with orange and butterscotch

Dark/Milk Side - 51% cocoa

Happy Hippy - Dark chocolate with orange and geranium

Great White - Creamy white chocolate with vanilla

~Coffee and Tea~

Clifton Coffee £2.40 100g, We can grind as per your specification or leave whole

Lavazza Rossa 250g £4.25

Lavazza Espresso 250g £4.50

Lavazza Decaf 250g £4.75

Union Revelation 200g £4.95

Union House Roast 200g £4.95

Tea Pigs Every Day Brew £3.75 - 15 Bags

Tea Pigs Darjeeling Earl Grey £3.75 - 15 Bags

Green and Blacks Organic Hot Chocolate £2.30

Green and Blacks Cocoa £1.95

Pukka Tea, lots of varieties! £2.99 - £3.49

~Oils and vinegars~

Raphael's Gold Label Extra Virgin Olive Oil, PDO Kolymvari.

250ml £2.95

500ml £5.95

1Ltr £10.95

Aspall Apple Balsamic Vinegar £1.95

Aspall Cyder Vinegar £1.70

Aspall Red Wine Vinegar £1.70

Aspall White Wine Vinegar £1.70

Bath Harvest Rapeseed Oil 500ml £5.50

Butter - French unsalted or somerset salted £1.95

~Pasta and Rice~

Various types of Pasta Reggia incuding Spaghetti, Penne & Mafaldine £1.40 - £1.89


Maldon Sea Salt Flakes 250g £1.89

Maldon Smoked Sea Salt Flakes 200g £2.15

~Miscellanious Items~

Mutti Italian Passata £1.70

Krakus Saurkraut £1.60

Krakus Pickled Cucumbers £1.85

Krakus Pickled Red Cabbage £1.50

Organic Free Range Eggs, half dozen £2.30


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Cheese and Olives
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